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A Passion for Awesome User Interface Design

I have a growing passion for great user interface design. I’ve been following Josh Clark at Global Moxie for some time and had the opportunity to hear him speak at SXSW, and spoke with him briefly at the conclusion of … Continue reading

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How I Turned a ‘C’ into an ‘A’

When I was taking a course in algorithms many years ago I discovered an awesome opportunity. Early on during the course, everyone, including the instructor noticed that the data structures text we were to study from was riddled with errors. … Continue reading

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SOFTEN Your Communication

I have an old copy of this text (from 1983) but its content is still relevant today. It’s called How to Start a Conversation and Make Friends. There are the 6 governing principles for effective communication as stated in the … Continue reading

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How to Hand Back Change

I think it started about 5 years ago. Cashiers started handing back change the wrong way. I find they most always place the bills flat in your hand, then sprinkle the change on top. If no bills, then they use … Continue reading

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Filming one second every day for one year

This video by Cesar Kuriyama inspires me to pursue the long list of activities and interests I have.

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