A Passion for Awesome User Interface Design

I have a growing passion for great user interface design. I’ve been following Josh Clark at Global Moxie for some time and had the opportunity to hear him speak at SXSW, and spoke with him briefly at the conclusion of his talk.

I read his text called Tapworthy which provides great insight into user interface (UI) design.

The following video is truly inspiring for how our future can be integrated with great UI. I think the best UIs are those that are effortless to use and integrate seamlessly with one’s environment. Since I go running a lot I’ve had the urge to record my thoughts – perhaps through some sort of Head-Up Display (HUD) built into my sunglasses where I could tap the sides of the glasses to record what I am saying. This would make a great iPhone app. However, I think the iPhone could use a “quick record” button which would access the voice recorder and get thoughts recorded quickly.

I have lots more thoughts on UI design and so I will post more about this topic in the future.

P.S. I just noticed this post which provides an awesome overview of various UI.

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