The Year 2038

Some of the dreams I have are just jumbles of images, but some are like movies.

Several years ago I had a dream where I suddenly found myself transported to the year 2038.  I was standing in a grassy area and it was very sunny out, clear, and somewhat cool – perhaps March or October in the Northeast U.S. somewhere.  I knew I traveled to the future as I had that very eery yet exciting feeling that I was in the future.  I was excited to see what I would find and a little afraid as well.

To the north of my position were lots of trees, like the beginning of a forest.   To my left was what I thought of as a one-story brick middle school, where the school sign was cement with brick.  I walked to the school and entered it, and to the right was an enclosed hallway area with a large flat screen TV facing outside but with a group of people riveted to the broadcast both standing and sitting around it.  An anchor was telling us of news of some major global catastrophe.  Everyone in the room was very worried and nervous.

All of the sudden I was transported to the middle of an ocean.  I was floating.  I immediately looked up to see a HUGE fiery asteroid coming straight towards me!  End of dream.

Asteroid Hits Earth

On the NASA risk page it shows a variety of asteroids that could potentially hit the earth in 2038.

Hopefully I will still be around at that time and well beyond.


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