Dark Hotel

I had a very intense and detailed dream last night where I was in a huge, very old, hotel. I was thinking it to be 6 stories but was large in breadth. It had very dark wood, huge hallways with high ceilings. I think the building was either a large rectangle or a square with an open courtyard in the center. It was something you would think of at Halloween.

This dream occurred after a thunderstorm passed through and I fell back asleep.

I wandered through the hallways for a long time, searching for something. There was one door that was very secure, with a spin lock on it and yellow adornments. Around another corner was a hallway that ramped downward to another level. The whole place was dark with little to no lighting and very few people about. There was one woman there who I saw and we were trying to find a bedroom area to make out or something but there was some other guy who saw us so we didn’t have a chance to. She left to go get something while I waiting in this room that seemed completely open to the hallway. I think the dream ended right after that.

I did a quick internet search and found something that feels similar:

Old Hôtel de Ville - Paris

However, the hotel was rectangular all across, twice as large, with very dark wood, at night.

I recall several times in this dream how I had a birds-eye view of this hotel and it was very dark and stormy out (perhaps a reflection of the storms moving throughout the area in the real-world). The impression this dream had upon me is very strong. It was fun in one sense since it was an adventure to be moving around in such a large place. However, I had a sense of stress throughout the experience as well.

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