Southwestern Adventure 2009 – Day Four

Day Four – April 9th, 2009

I drove from there to Flagstaff where I had dinner and spent the night. I woke up in the early morning to take a ride to Upper Antelope Canyon.

Upper Antelope Canyon

This place was also amazing. I must go back again as I want to take better photos.

Upper Antelope Canyon – Entry

Upper Antelope Canyon – Interior

Upper Antelope Canyon – Sand Flow

Upper Antelope Canyon – Trucks


  • Wear pants and a hooded sweater on the trip to Upper Antelope Canyon as the ride over is cool with a wind chill
  • See Antelop Canyon Tours for the tour group

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is an absolutely amazing place! I wish I allocated more time. Next time I will go on a hiking tour. I saw the south rim, took some photos, then had lunch in the restaurant there.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon – Steps

Very precarious steps but I would not want them to change it. Keep it adventurous!

I asked someone to take my photo.

Grand Canyon – Chris

Grand Canyon – Tower Plaque

Grand Canyon – Tower

Grand Canyon – Inside Tower

Next up… Southwestern Adventure 2009 – Day Five

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