Southwestern Adventure 2009 – Day One


In April of 2009 I devised a plan to travel from Austin, TX and drive through the desert southwest and on back home. I was about to transition to a new job and I thought it’s now or never to see the Grand Canyon and many other places. Other the course of a couple weeks I built an itinerary and made reservations at various motels along the way. It was a very exciting experience and I saw things I was never aware of that existed.

The trip lasted five days from April 6-10, 2009. I drove my Jeep Grand Cherokee and thankfully it didn’t break down at any point, although I had horrendous mechanical issues since that time that were very pricey, resulting in my plan to never buy a Jeep again. Anyway, I finally got around to writing a blog post about the experience 8 years later. I pulled all of the photos into Lightroom, did some editing, and picked the best ones for this blog. All photos were taken with a Canon Powershot SD870 IS. It was a decent camera to take photos with at the time. However, it is not a “pro” camera and had trouble with indoor shots. I plan to take this trip again in the future and capture some really nice photos.

Here is the general route I took (just a quick scribble)…

Southwest Adventure Route Map

Day One – April 6, 2009

I fueled up my vehicle and headed out towards I-10 with my first destination being Caverns of Sonora. This was a perfect pit stop along the way. I highly recommend going here if you can. They provide a nice guided tour.

Sonora Caverns Entrance

Sonora Caverns Interior

Sonora Caverns Interior – Looks like taffy

Next up… Southwestern Adventure 2009 – Day Two

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